The Design of Blossom and Kaileen

Blossom and Kaileen are characters that make an appearance in Invisible Seams as supporting characters after already being familiar from the story of Lovewood (and in Blossom's case, Frightwood). For me, this meant that the design process was perfectly in my comfort zone for a change – I could focus on making them fit into the cozy vibes of an early-autumn Liebwald, without needing to reinvent the wheel.


Blossom is very much the voice of reason in this story. Her friendship provides gentle moral support for Moth when he is vulnerable, but also shakes him up with some robust sincerity when he is standing in his own way. It was always a delight to try and get this dynamic across in their dialogues: Two individuals who are very different from each other, but have cultivated a strong and reliable bond despite that.

To contrast Moth's more formal style, Blossom's main outfit is casual, soft and vibrant. Since she takes care of wool rabbits and is excellent at knitting, I figured she may want to flex a little with the pattern on her home-knit sweater. After some research, I found something that looked adequately fancy without being too difficult to be drawn consistently on her sprite.

For her fancy outfit near the end of the story, I based it heavily on her evening wear in Lovewood. It's indicated that the purple vest was actually a garment Moth created for her, so it has some sentimental value for her. I merely took the liberty to update her dress design, since I had learned a fair bit about clothing design through my work on Invisible Seams.


Kaileen is arguably the most huggable out of the entire cast, both because of her fluffy hair and her shy, but curious demeanor. Her sweater pattern is simple, but features some playful colour choices. I always love to see how small changes in the neck section of an outfit can have a big impact on the general vibe – Compared to Blossom's round knit collar, the fact that Kaileen has a shirt collar poking out from under her sweater instantly makes her look a bit more nerdy to me.

Kaileen's design may be where my skill progress is most visible in comparison to Lovewood. In her original Lovewood sprite, the green skin markings around her eyes were static, whereas in Invisible Seams, they can morph along with her expression. The cut on her overalls also looks a bit more convincing now, since I took the time to really study a reference while I was drawing (that being, my own pair of overalls)!

I'm really happy with how the girls turned out! Their gestures help emphasize their personalities, and they fit wonderfully into the warm and slightly quaint environment of Liebwald. I hope you enjoy the interactions with them in the game as well!

For the next dev log, I have some bonus art to share! Mostly little fun doodles that didn't make it into the game's Bonus Art gallery, which I think may be very fun to look through. See you in the next post! 🌻

- Dev

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I wouldn't mind collecting their winter fur and learning to spin ;-)