Bonus art!

Hi everyone!

Today I got some bonus sketches to share! I would say I'm quite an artist at heart - I love exploring settings and characters through visuals, and just doodling them for fun as a way to get to know them. So naturally, there will always be a lot of little doodles that don't make it into a game itself, but that may still be interesting to look through.
Some of these are dark, others are cute, some of them are just plain silly. Let's take a look, shall we?

Some initial gesture sketches for Caesar.

Coming up with different fur patterns for the lycans! I liked the idea that family resemblance can be very visible through different fur patterns.

Moth's father, Ezra Salai. I thought about him having a Hold Person spell just like Jasper, and occasionally using it on his son, which is why Moth is very familiar with the sensation of it and he hates it. That piece of backstory just didn't end up making it into the story for Invisible Seams.

Similarly, Moth has a chest scar from some time in his late teens.

Studying fabric folds!

Dynamic poses with Jasper!

And some intense expressions too! I mostly like to use him as a study subject, since he's very fun to draw.

You are bringing dishonor to the name of sharks out here, Jasper. Shame on you.

...................... How bad could he possibly be

Little portrait of teen Blossom that I really liked!

There was also a neat exercise of envisioning how each Lovewood character would look like as a classic villain. Blossom completely stole the show.

I imagine that Kaileen took care of Blossom's critters while she was out and about in Fitzburg during the end of the story.

Goofy tired Moth sketches!

Also some bits of him being a cat.

Speaking of, that bit about him being affected by catnip is true. I have said it so it must be canon

✨ Stress  ✨

And more of me realizing Moth can wear his hair in different ways. Beautiful.

That's all I got for now! Thank you for showing interest in these dev logs, I'm always happy to see when people are curious about the thoughts behind a game.

Take care of yourselves out there! 🌻

- Dev

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Oh, lovely!
…and being a perfectionist, Moth wears his tie in a plattsburgh knot?


Indeed! I wasn't actually aware of it being that specific knot, but I'm happy if it fits XD


Well, there's a small book "The 85 Ways to Tie a Tie" where you first get an introduction to mathematical knot theory, then an easier way to find tie knots, and then a list of knots up to a maximal number of moves - and there are three symmetrical ones. The simplest one is the four-in-hand (for example worn by Sean Connery as James Bond), the plattsburgh and the balthus. And the balthus is very pompous…


Sounds like there's a whole science to it :O
Heh, I'm sure Moth would own an instructional book like this as well, only to find that he prefers wearing bowties XD