Release Date Announcement

Hello everyone!

I've settled on a release date for the full game, Invisible Seams is going to be out on August 10! Which is very soon, so get excited :D

I'm currently doing the last rounds of proofreading and tweaking, and I'm fairly confident that I haven't overlooked anything. As for what's coming up, here are some things to look forward to:

  • Ca. three hours of story, including some intense drama and plenty of wholesome tailor shop gaiety
  • A Gallery feature in which you can review the 35+ CGs that can be unlocked, plus bonus art
  • A German translation for those who fancy it! Yep, I took it upon myself to translate the full script, and I reckon it actually turned out well this time.

See you all on release day! 🌻
- Dev

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German too?! YAY


Is this game going to be available on Steam too?


There are currently no plans to release it on Steam, since it's unsure if the registration fee would pay off. If the launch on Itch goes well, it may be worth considering though!